Bearing Housing & Labyrinth Seal

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  • Roller Diameter: 60 to 194mm .
  • Bearing Size: 6204/6205/6206/6305/6306/6307/6308/6310ZZ.
  • Material: CRC plate 2.8 mm to 5 mm thickness.
  • Diameter: 50-219mm.
  • Shell Thickness: 2.5-5mm or as required.
  • Shaft Diameter: 20mm-50mm or as required.


CNC Machining Ensures both:

  • RProper fit of Shell Ends to bearing Housing.
  • Excellent Grip and positioning of bearing inside the Bearing Housing.
  • Tolerance +0.00, - 0.027.

Labyrinth Seal Sets:

Full set of Labyrinth Seal has 5 parts.

  • Sealing Ring (Material: Nylon)
  • Female Labyrinth Sealing Ring/inner Seal (Material: Nylon)
  • male Labyrinth sealing ring/Outer Seal (Material: Nylon)
  • Metal cap/Dust Cap (Material: Steel)
  • protective cap/Rain Cap (Material: Nylon)